by Patrick Miller - Written by a real painter!!!


Recent Updates for The Paint Estimator

and the new features that have been introduced.


Release Date: 8/25/2018 - Major Update

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Prior to installing these updates, please close The Paint Estimator

New Features:

  • A new way to add your references. You no longer need to have customers in the database in order to add them.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed the issue for the program not being able to connect to the site due to new TLS 1.2 standards

  • Fixed some major issues with the data sharing feature. Really spent some time on this one. So, if you are using the same data on more than one device, you should not run into in any issues. Tested on several cloud type sites, OneDrive, Dropbox and Google Drive. Dropbox seems to be the best out of these three that I tested.

  • Fixed a few small issues with the restore and backup for Windows 10

Breaking Changes:

  • Removed the Google maps and bing maps form. It was just too outdated. Replaced it with just using your browser for looking up the address, weather and the house images.


Release Date: 04/10/2018 - Major Update

New Features:

  • A new text editor for your proposals. More formatting styles, insert hyperlinks into your proposals. "Great for linking the finish products you might be using" and much more...

  • A new proposal template that lets you or the estimator sign the proposals.

  • A new theme.

Bug Fixes:

  • fixed a few minor issues.

Breaking Changes:

  • Removed the direct to Microsoft Word method as it was just not needed anymore. To keep using Word to edit your proposals, you will need to use the Preview Proposal method and export from there.


Release Date: 02/10/2018 - Major Update

New Features:

  • This update for the most part deals with the materials and the production rates. You now can update all your production rate materials with a few clicks of a button to reflect your material database prices. This also will calculate the rate that were updated as well.

  • You can now check for invalid materials in your production rates and change them to valid ones with a few clicks of a button. This typically happens when you change the name of a product or delete a product.

  • You can also replace materials in your production rates with different products. For example you don't want to use a product anymore because it's garbage or there is a better product you like. You can do this also with a few clicks of a button.

  • You can now print your material database if you like.

  • A new filter method for your materials. Makes finding that certain product very easy. This is very useful if you have a large database.

  • A new filter method for the customer database. A simple method for finding a phone number or customer.

  • Added a preview in the proposal settings so you can see how your proposals and invoices look like as you are making adjustments to your logos and other company information.

  • Changed the way the help videos are displayed. Google recently stopped supporting flash. You now can watch these videos through the built in player or use your OS default video player. NOTE: for the first time viewing the video, you will have to download them. This only takes a few seconds for each video.

  • New method when editing a production rate, you can now make your changes, and click the enxt or back button to edit the next rate.

  • A few other minor updates as well.

  • Click here to see some of these updates.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue with the setup wizard and the workers comp section.

  • Fixed an issue with the way customer reports were being displayed.

  • Fixed the issue when using the add rates form and sometimes the material prices were incorrect.

  • Fixed some spelling errors.

  • Other minor issues were fixed as well


Release Date: 01/02/2018 - Minor Update

New Features:

  • A new setup wizard. You can now use a very simple wizard to get started quickly. Set up your company name and info, add your overhead, add employees, preview how your proposals and invoices will look like.

  • Updated the Dymo printer features to work with the latest version of the Dymo print software.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue with the direct to Microsoft word templates

  • Few other minor fixes as well.


Release Date: 7/25/2017 - Major Update

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a issue with the updater and the web installer where it would crash on starting. This was do to a minor update a few weeks ago, where I installed new version of a few dlls and did not update these two programs with the same dlls.

  • Added an option where if your screen size gets stuck in maximized mode. Just click the about button under the help menu, when the about form shows, click the file menu, then click on the restore screen size button.


Release Date: 6/22/2017 - Major Update

New Features:

  • You now can export your proposals and other reports to Apache OpenOffice. OpenOffice is a completely free word editor that is very powerful and used by millions

  • Improved start up times for the program.

  • Added a new updater where existing users do not have to login to the site to download a new version. You will be able to download these updates from the program

  • Added a new way to install your license. You will now be able to download it from the web instead of having to download the file and install it from the program. That method still exists however.

  • Changed the way you use your dymo printers. All models should work now.

  • Added an error log event where if you run into issues, a log file will be saved. This will be good for troubleshooting issues.

  • Added a news event button. You will be able to see the latest news on whats going on with the program. Also I will be able to display important information from time to time.

  • There are a few new themes, Excel Green and Silver.

  • Added a backup reminder where you can be reminded by the week, 2 weeks or every month.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a issue with the backup procedure.

  • Fixed a bug where if you were using shared data, where the versions of the program were different. You now will have to make sure that all the programs that are using this shared location have to be the same version


Release Date: 4/02/2017 - Major Update

New Features:

  • A complete new overhead Section that replaces the old outdated 3 tab section. You can now have as many category's as you like.

  • A new pay expenses form that replaces the old outside materials form. A great way to track your real overhead and see where you are spending your money on all outside of the jobs purchases.

  • New Referrals Charts, Yearly Income Charts and Yearly Estimates vs Estimates Sold Charts. Also updated all the existing charts as well.

  • New Materials Templates. "Exterior", "Interior", and "Custom" This can be very helpful for when you are using the free entry mode and using the materials form.

  • 3 New Profit & Loss Statements. Simple, Detailed and a Simple Two Year Comparison. With the new addition of the pay expenses form, we now can have accurate profit & loss statements.

  • A new help videos form. Instead of going to the website to view how to videos, you can now access them right through the program. Also added small little youtube icons throughout the program so when ever you see these, you know there is a help video associated with the section you are in.

  • A new overhead summary form that will show what you have collected for your overhead and workers comp. Also it will show what you have actually paid.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue with the job details report now showing the correct values if you un selected the workers comp in the job info form.

  • Fixed a few small other issues that most would not know they even existed.


Release Date: 12/14/2016 - Minor Update

Bug Fixes:

  • If your system configuration file gets corrupt, then this update will fix it.


Release Date: 9/21/2016 - Minor Update

New Features:

  • You can now save multiple invoices per estimate. Prior to this update you were only allowed to save one. This will be good for users who do progress payments. NOTE: This is only for the built in invoices, not the Excel invoices. Excel invoices you can save as many as you want.

  • Changed the way updates are done. If the update version is a minor one, you will no longer be prompt when starting the program. You will have to click the help menu, then check for updates to see if there are any updates. If the update is a major one, then you will still be notified during starting the program. This is for the users who have the "Check for Updates on" in the options menu. This way, if I need to do minor little things that really won't effect anybody, I will not have to bug you all the time.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue with the T&M method not displaying the correct days.


Release Date: 8/20/2016 - Major Update

New Features:

  • Added a new preview system for all forms, proposals, invoices and so on. You no longer have to save first in order to preview your proposals and all other reports. You can now export these to either PDF, RTF formats and word documents. You can also immediately attach the document to your default email editor like outlook.

  • Change the invoice layout and change order layouts.

  • The program will now remember the zoom level when typing out an estimate. Meaning if you are using a large monitor or high resolution and you need to use a size 10 font this would appear small on the screen. You can now change the zoom level to say 120% and the font will still be a size 10, but look like size 12. Just makes it easier to see.

  • Add the ability to create a Reference List. Just right click on one of the customer and you will be able to add them to the list. You will also have a choice of adding this list to your proposals. “Excluding direct to MS Word proposals.

  • Changed the way the two charts get their information; they are now based on the visual aspect of the customer database grid. Say for example you are using the search feature and are displaying all the leads you have received from your website; the charts will be based on this search filter. Before it was just based on the complete database.

  • You will now see your materials listed on the work order. If you either used the rates form, single rates form or selected some materials from the materials form, they will be listed. “Note this will be only work on estimates created after version 4.0

  • With the new proposal/report system, you will have a more control over your company information, and logos. For existing users, you will need to set this up.

  • Comes now with several stock logos to choose from.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a few issues that were minor.


Release Date: 7/10/2016 - Minor Update

New Features:

  • The program is now DPI Aware - Meaning that if you are running dpi sizes 125%, 150%, 175% and 200% the program text and images will remain clear.

  • Added the ability to change the program default font size and fonts. Just a few more options to make sure no matter what screen size you are running things should look good.

Bug Fixes:

  • No fixes in this update.


Release Date: 5/10/2016 - Major Update

New Features:

  • The production rates database has been completely updated. Your items are now grouped into categories Also added a right click menu for easy editing and other options. You can now move one item to another by simply dragging the item. Also a new feature where you can check all your rates for errors. You can also hide a few columns that are not important to you.

  • Added a quick-edit form for your rates. Just right click on the rate to bring up this form. A quick way to edit your rates with out having to bring up the main add rate form. You can change the rate title name, the rate per hour and the actual rate here. Also you can adjust the hourly rate and change the default materials

  • You can create rates much faster now by using an existing rate as the base for the new rate. Say you want to add some more interior door rates. Just open an existing door rate, make a few changes to reflect the new rate, then click the "Use to Create New Rate" button.

  • You now can round your materials to the nearest decimal, quart and gallon. Note: this will only work on estimates created after this update.

  • New room feature where you can click on the room button for interior production rates, and a form will pop up. Simply enter the dimensions of the room, choose your items and the program will do the rest.

    For existing users, this will require setting up prior to using. You will need to go into your rates database file and choose the default items for this new room feature. You will need to have 6 default rates. Walls, Ceilings, Doors, Windows, Baseboards and Crown Molding. So for example, click on one of your wall rates, and then right click and select walls. This rate will now be used for this room feature. Do this till all six rates have been chosen.

    For new users, your rates database file will already have them selected.

  • For estimates created after this update, you can now save the materials for the estimate to a PDF file for emailing or printing. Also added is you have the option to add the materials to the Detail print form.

  • If you use production rates for your estimates and would like a quicker way to update certain or all the rates after you created the estimate, there is a new feature that can do this.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed the weather feed to a new and improved one. Uses information now

  • Improved the Most recent files menu. You now just see the actual file and not the full path

  • Removed the Email feature as it was just not useful and not needed.

  • Upgraded the materials form so it's much easier to input, insert and change information.

  • Fixed the issue with adding customers to Quickbooks, if there was more then 20 customers in Quickbooks the program would freeze.


Release Date: 11/30/2015 - Major Update

New Features:

  • You can now add, and update customers to desktop versions of Quickbooks. You can also create new estimates using customers you already have in Quickbooks

  • One more theme added. Metro style Blue

  • Added support for Microsoft Office 2016 Desktop versions

  • Added a quick way to see a 4 day forecast for where your company is located.

  • You now can right click on any customer and bring up either Google or Bing Maps. Can be helpful for when you are doing exterior estimates or remembering what the area looks like. You can also check the weather for this location as well.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed the issue of the search box overlapping onto other tab pages.

  • Fixed the issue of when the update box would appear it would reset the theme to default.

  • Re did the backup and restore section to be much faster and work when the data location was not in the default area.

  • Changed the way the Referrals report is being displayed - It will now only show the top 15 referrals. If you had more then the graph section would be un readable.


Release Date: 1/17/2015 - Major Update

New Features:

  • For the folks that have been using this program, there is now a much better search method in the customer database page. You can search by dates, phone numbers, referrals and also which jobs a specific employee has worked on. You can also save these searches in a PDF format. For more info on this feature, you can see video number 7 on the video page of this site.

  • One more theme added. Light Light Blue

  • Added a pop up font dialog in the proposal description area. Similar to Microsoft Word pop up dialog

  • Added a column that will show the remaining hours for the progress page. This should help on whether you should crack the whip on your employees. Basically when you enter the percent of how much you completed on the task, the remaining hours will update to show you how much is left to complete. Also there is a new progress bar below showing how much of the entire job has been completed.

  • Removed the symbols part and replaced it with just your standard bullets. It was just to much maintenance to keep going with the symbols section. Left the symbols for the Term and Conditions page.

  • Added a quick panel so you can easily insert production rates as a single item. In the old box where you would click on the pr to bring up the production rates form, you now will see two button in that column. "You need to click in the box to view the buttons" one button is to bring up the production rates form that you are used to, and a new button "s" to bring up the below panel.

  • Replaced the pre written scopes box that was below the proposal description area with a new scopes form. this helped increased the description area. You can see more on this update in video number 9 on the video page of this site.

  • You can now change the company profit percentage directly in the main grid area with out having to click on the job info form.

Bug Fixes:

  • Did some major improvements to the program flow. Fixed several bugs that most would not even know about.

  • Added a feature where your production rates file gets saved every-time it's opened and no errors are detected.


Release Date: 4/20/2014 - Major Update

New Features:

  • Improved the the programs visual aspects. Changed the layout of several areas. This is a real nice update in my opinion and I'm excited to release this version. Each area of the program has been redone. The layout now should be the same across all versions of windows.

  • Very easy now when starting a new estimate for a prior customer to fill out the address, phone number and other information. Just click on the drop down box and choose the existing customer. Before you had to go to the customer database tab, click on the quick details button for that customer and then click on the blue folder button.

  • New recent file routines. Now you can keep track of all recent files you have opened instead of only the last 3.

  • Very beta right now but there are 3 themes to change the appearance of the program

  • You can now use the same data between two computers by storing all your data on a usb stick. Just simply run the wizard to set it up. So if you have a desktop at home and a laptop on the road, all you will need is one usb stick so the data is the same between both locations.

  • For new users, the program now comes with a Sample Company to get an idea on how to use it and see some of the features.

  • Removed the about box as it served no purpose.

  • Added a menu for short cuts to things like "Your current job number, employees, overhead, logos and a few more items.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed all kinds of small little issues that some if not most of you would not even know.

Version v1

Release Date: 2/25/2014 - Minor Update

New Features:

  • Replaced the current spell checker with a new one. You now can spell check as your typing. Similar to Google and other word apps.

  • Added a thesaurus to the context menus for both the proposal page and terms and conditions.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed various bugs throughout the program. Also improved several things as well.

Version v1.01

Release Date: 10/06/2013 - Major Update

New Features:

  • Added support for Office 2013

  • You can now adjust your logos positions on the word documents

  • You can now add your logo to the job details report

  • Made it easier to change the job numbers. If program crashed then the job number would be reset.

  • Added a section to the restore where you can only restore important files and be able to select which ones. Prevents from having to overwrite everything.

  • Added a new Job hours feature - This is beta and only half of what I have planned for. However it's still worth putting this part in this release as it will add value to the program.

  • You now can create more than one page proposals for both the word and PDF versions. If you are using word for your proposals then you will need to download the new templates in order to use this feature

  • You now can use more than one font, and different size fonts for your proposals

  • Add a few symbols to your proposals like bullets and check-marks. These are symbols and not real bullet features

  • A new feature where it will let you know how much space you have used for each page. There is no more settings for font sizes and stuff like that.

  • You now can create and attach Terms and Conditions to your proposals. A place for legal stuff, maybe warranty info. Stuff like how many color samples you will apply before you will charge extra. Just stuff you don't want to bog down the main proposal with. There will be a place for the customer to sign that they have read it.

  • Calendar: It’s no longer a standalone exe file, you must run the job scheduler from within the program.

  • Calendar: No longer can you print directly, you now have 3 choices to save as PDF. Much nicer out come this way. 1, full color, 2 standard color and 3 greyscale.

  • Calendar: You can use any color you want for jobs.

  • Calendar: You can change the font to anything you want.

  • Calendar: You can remove the borders. Helps with slower machines on rendering issues.

  • Calendar: The ability to zoom in and out.

  • Calendar: Easier to type in the day boxes

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed bug in the Materials form. Clicking on edit with no Items selected would cause error.

  • Fixed a bug where you were doing a job that spread into the next year. And the first year you did not purchase any materials it would cause an error when the job was complete.

  • Fixed a bug when you changed employees during the middle of a job and the job number was being replaced with a new one.

Version v3

Release Date: 1/13/2013 - Major Update

New Features:

  • You no longer need Microsoft Word or Excel to print proposals, invoices and change orders.

  • Added a formatting tool bar at the top of the proposals page so you can bold, change fonts and few other things

  • Add your own logos to the PDF files

  • A built in emailer where you will be able to send emails directly with in the program. You can also create a signature using your website and face-book page.

  • You now can print basic work orders where you will be able to add comments to each item. This also can be printed directly to PDF.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed error when deleting more then one task at a time when using the reminders

  • Fixed the issue when double clicking on last row in the rates form

  • Fixed the new updates form

  • Fixed a few other minor bugs


Release Date: 8/12/2012 - Major Update

New Features:

  • For users who need to add sales tax to your proposals and invoices you will now be able to download the templates for this. You will have the option to add it by checking a check box prior to building your proposal or invoice.

  • You now can add your logo's to your proposals and invoices, if you logo is a rectangle in size you will be able to download the proposals and templates for this, or if you logo is square then you can use the default proposal and invoice.

  • You now can save the customer database into a PDF file

  • You now can add materials to your database at the same time you are doing a proposal.

Bug Fixes:

  • Preloaded rates did not have the pictures with them thus causing a few errors when using production rates method.

  • Fixed the issue when adding materials to your database and you left the cost box empty it would cause an error

  • Fixed the restore defaults issue in the proposals and invoices setting's form

  • If running dpi at 125% or 150% some of the forms did not lay out correctly. The default settings for windows 7 and other versions of windows is 96 dpi. If you increase this in your display settings then the minimum requirements are as follows: 1440 x 900 for a dpi setting of 125% 1600x1024 for a dpi setting of 150%

Version v3

Release Date: 6/30/2012 - Minor Update

New Features:

  • Added a ToDo List to help remind you for upcoming events or tasks that need to be completed.

  • Added a search feature for the customer database.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a few issues that most would not know about.