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Product Details

New Features in

Updates to the Materials Form

New filter method which makes finding certain products much easier.

It is now easy to update all your production rates with your updated materials prices, you can check for invalid materials being used. These are materials that are being used in your production rates, but they no longer exist in your material database. This can happen if you renamed, or deleted products. You can also swap out products. All it takes a few clicks.

New Features in your Production Rates Editing Form

When you double click on a rate to open it up to edit, you now can make your changes, and click on the next or back buttons at the top to load the next or prior rate. Before this update, you had to doulbe click on each rate in your database form to make changes. This is a much quicker and easier way to edit more then one rate at a time.

New Drop Down Box for your materials. It now shows the prices next to the product. You will see this new drop down box in several places throughout the program.